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What you need to know.

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Choose the right Canadian Online Pharmacy

How do you pick a reputable Online Canadian Pharmacy? There are now quite a few Canadian pharmacies offering service to the US. We will show you what criteria you need to look for to find the best and most trustworthy Canadian pharmacy to serve you.

We are an organization based in Canada and are familiar with Pharmacies in Canada. We do not sell prescription drugs but rather provide you with information you need to know to make an informed decision when shopping online for Canadian drugs both prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Here are the Criteria that we believe are key when choosing one of the Canadian Pharmacies that are online:

Physical Location
One of the key criteria we look for is a pharmacy that is a physical pharmacy. What we mean by physical is an actual bricks and mortar pharmacy that happens to dispense drugs to the US. These permanent pharmacies don't depend solely on the US for their business. They have their canadian drug business for the bulk of their business.

How do you determine it is a Physical Pharmacy? Research the location of the pharmacy. We suggest you go to the "About Us" page on the Online site and find out if they openly reveal their actual location and if it is in fact an existing physical pharmacy. This information can be found on the home page on some of the better sites. See Buck A Day Pharmacy for example. Check the bottom right of the home page for the location.

License or Registration Number
While on the site also check to see if the pharmacy openly displays its registration number. This is clue number two that you are dealing with an actual pharmacy.
Canada Pharmacy for example has it displayed on the side of their home page.

Customer Service numbers
Most will have a toll free number you can call to get pharmacy assistance. I would suggest using it early on with questions and see how easy it is to get assistance and how helpful they are. You should be able to talk to the pharmacist on this number or another number provided on the site just as you could at your corner Pharmacy. Don't use the site if it doesn't provide you the ability to talk to the pharmacist. Email access to a pharmacist is also a great feature to look for but not as important as talking over the phone.

Shipping Times
You need to allow for shipping time but not an undue amount of time. Look for sites that offer shipping in 5-8 business days. Most if not all will ship by Canada Post because of the Customs issues.

Click Delivery and Customs for more detailed information on this area and other ordering issues.

There are a few accreditations out there. Watch for the following.

  • CIPA - Canadian International Pharmacy Assocatiation.CIPA mandate to represent and support the ethical and professional practice of International Pharmacy, and to ensure the highest standards of practice are carried out by its members. All good Online Pharmacies are a member of this organization.
  • NAPAC - North American Pharmacy Accreditation Commission. Slightly higher standards than NAPAC in my opinion. I wouldn't say this is one of my mandatory criteria but if an online pharmacy does have this accreditation it lends a lot of creditability to that site.
  • Pharmacy Checker - they advertise as being a critical tool for healthcare. It is basically a rating company for online pharmacies and 5 check marks is good.

Here are a few of the pharmacies that meet all of the above criteria:

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