Delivery and customs issues when ordering.

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Delivery, legal and cusoms issues when filling prescriptions online from a Canadian pharmacy

Shipping from a Canadian pharmacy
Customs and Legality of shipping from Canadian pharmacies

Shipping from a Canadian pharmacy
In regards to shipping times, remember that it is being shipped from Canada so it must go through customs, and customers can take their time. When customers is extremely busy, the orders can slow down. So always have enough medication on hand in case that happens.

Check the mode of shipping at your chosen pharmacy. For a few extra dollars you can sometimes expidite shipping. With all of your savings why not spend an extra $10 to get it there faster.

Customs and Legality of shipping from Canadian pharmacies
First of all ordering medicine for your personal use is usually allowed by the FDA.
The line for what's legal is blurry at best, though it largely depends on what you're ordering, says Tom McGinnis, the Food and Drug Administration's director of pharmacy affairs. In particular, U.S. customs keeps an eye out for the following items:
• Packages from pharmacies, particularly those on an FDA alert list (These are mostly sites that sell prescription drugs without the prescriptions.)
• Non-FDA-approved drugs
• Controlled substances
• Undeclared/mislabeled drugs

If you are dealing with one of the sites listed below you can be assured they know how to properly package and ship the medicine from Canada to the US without problem. When talking with the pharmacy ask them their policy on stopped shipments if one should occur. You never really know if Customs will stop it or not but use a Canadian pharmacy that has a proven track record and good policy if it is stopped.

Here is a list of some of the established Canadian pharmacies that will know the proper method to ship medicine across the border.

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